the truth (about calories)

As I am sure you know I am trying to get ready for my Hawaiian vacation in a little over a month, so of course calories are something I have been paying extra close attention to lately.  I need to make sure I look decent in my polka dot bikini (I gave up on one with ruffles)...

Okay, I know, I am never going to look like that Victoria's Secret model but I can stand to make some improvements.  Anyway, Jeremy picked up a Men's Health magazine at the airport and while we were at the beach this weekend I picked up his Men's Health because of the cover...

 There is always a fairly attractive, fit man on the cover, but I really like this magazine for the articles.;)  Seriously, the June issue has a great article; The Truth about Calories by Clint Carter.  Here it is in a nut shell...

-500 calories of parsnips do NOT equal 500 calories of double stuf Oreos

-Our fuel comes from 3 sources: protein, cabohydrates and fat- each takes a certain number of calories for the body to digest

-100 carb calories take 5-6 calories to digest, fat is slightly less, protein takes 20-30 calories to digest

-If you want to loose weight make protein a priority (animal protein is better absorbed by the body than plant protein)

-Fiber is not as easier digested as other carbs and tends to block the absorption of other calories

-With a very high fiber diet (ex. 60 grams a day) you might lose as much as 20% of the calories you consume!!!! which is twice as many as a low fiber diet.

- artificial sweeteners can back fire, consuming as few as 3 diet sodas a week can increase a person's risk of obesity by more than 40%

-Studies in rats that ate artificially sweetened yogurt took in more calories at later meals

Long story even shorter; don't count calories because they aren't all created equal, eat more (animal) protein, more fiber and less or no artificially sweetened foods.

I hope you learned something useful today, even if it is just that you should start subscribing to Men's Health:).