sharing beauty

You should know the name Jenna Thomas of Red White and Green Photography.  Not only because she is an AMAZING photographer but because you faithfully read my blog and "like" me on Facebook and know that Jenna did, if I may say so myself, a very interesting and beautiful blog post on my work along with an interview that I probably give waaaayy too many details about myself in (as usual).   That's Jenna and her husband Kevin, don't they look like fun? I haven't known them for too long but from what I can tell they are. They are also super nice and easy to talk to.  Jenna is also super talented.  She has this incredible knack for capturing a fleeting, intimate moment.  Her pictures are so natural and heartfelt.  They are truly art.

Sorry, I know that was a lot of pictures. But you know you enjoyed every single one of them. 

I just couldn't narrow them down, they remind me to enjoy life and the people around me that I love.  What a wonderful thing.  I can't wait for a good excuse to have Jenna do a photo shoot for me.  I am sure you feel the same.  So mark her website under your favorites and call her to book an appointment, you know everyone looks better with a tan so now is really the time.:)