sweet little treat

I love networking and sharing helpful info I have gathered with anyone I can.  This is something I learned from my years at Knoll but now as a business owner I am just realizing how much I love it.

Yesterday morning I had a great networking coffee with my friend and fellow jewelry business owner Erin McDermott, I think I have told you about her before but I am going to do it again. 


Lisbon necklace


 Saxophone solo blues earrings


Everly earrings


 Zoey necklace


As you can see Erin has some beautiful work.

She also has a fantastic blog that I save up and read when I need a lift or some inspiration.

A few things I would love to steal (I don't know where she gets all this good material) for my blog entries but I just can't do it (except in this format)...


 love this one...   

You will also find also lots of great design pics, Erin's new creations and other goodies. I promise once you start reading you will be hooked and savor her blog like a sweet little treat. 

I am so glad to have people around me that support, inspire and challenge me.  Life is good.:)