almost done

My first day at Noelle Munoz Inc. was great!  I was even on time to my first morning event that started at 7:30am!!! (if you know me, this is an amazing feat)

Anyway, I know if you are not trying to start  business of your own you are probably tired of hearing about mine and all the resources I have to share with you.  This is the last one (this week) I promise.

Yesterday morning at the Kick Off of Small Business Week Mayor Fox unveiled a great new resource available to the people of Charlotte., a one stop shop for info on local events, resources for starting, growing, and relocating your business.  Life just got a little easier for those starting a business in Charlotte, I wish this would have been around a year ago for me!  Word is there will soon be a online chat room so that businesses can share information with each other through the site and possibly online, live help if you have questions.  I hope you will find the time to take advantage of this great new resource, or share it with someone that can.