Yvonne Jacquette

Elle Decor is one of my favorite magazines.  My mom is a subscriber and because she loves me she passes down her issues to me, the best form of recycling.  This month Elle Decor features a New York artist by the name of Yvonne Jaquette.  


Yvonne often hangs out of airplanes and helicopters to get the unique birds eye view that most of her work features.  Yvonne is 76.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


 I wanted to share this with you, mainly because of this painting below.  Any time I fly at night I love to look out the window at the glittering city lights, the patterns and shapes they make, so beautiful, I can't take my eyes off of them.  I have often wondered how to capture this in some form, Yvonne has done that with fabulous, depth, color and creativity.


I can't take my eyes off it.If you would like to read more about Mrs. Jaquette in Elle Decor click HERE