back on-line

Well I had no internet for two and a half days because of the stormy weather we've had.  But clearly I am back on-line!  I guess I should feel lucky that this didn't happen to me...

One of our poor neighbors house was crushed by a huge tree, cranes are lifting the tree off the house.  I can't even imagine how scary it must have been when that big boy came crashing in!

Hopefully the spring storms are over but I want spring to stay!  I have been enjoying it so much in the midst of getting ready for the Passport For Fashion Show.

 Picking wild flowers, or weeds while I walk the dog.

A sweet little bird made a nest in my winter wreath so I left it up and she laid eggs!  I am so excited, I can't wait until they hatch.  This little bird made a nest here last year but I took the wreath down anyway, I felt too bad to ruin the neatly put together nest she had worked so hard on.  I checked on her today and she is just sitting there, her little head just visible over the leaves of the wreath, it really is the perfect place for a nest.  I will keep you updated on the status of these five little babies.:)

And Jeremy has almost finished our deck stairs, he always writes our initials in the footings.:)

I am sorry that you missed the Charlotte Viewpoint relaunch, it was fun!  And I made some really good connections, keep your fingers crossed they result in good things for me. 

Have a great weekend!