baby update

No, not my non-existent baby.  The baby birds still in their eggs, in their nest, in my wreath.  

I have been scouring the internet for days to find out what kind of bird has made a home for her and her babies on my front door.  I even tried to sneak up on her by opening the door, just a crack, to get a little peek.  She flew away but I waited for her, standing on a stool, looking through my little crack until she came back, finally.  She settled into her nest which was so freakin' cute- it took her some time and adjusting and I know she could see me but I think she was kind of okay with it then I slowly, slowly raised my camera and apparently crossed the line because she flew away, again.  I did get a good look at her little beak and then I saw her watching the nest in a near by tree but she is really just sort of brown which is not helpful when trying to figure out the breed- all females seem to be brown. 

I did catch a glimpse of her little husband one day, he flew up to the nest and had a little red on his head and breast and sort of modeled white and brown feathers below the red.  And then yesterday morning I saw a pair of the same type of birds on a limb in my back yard.  I got a good enough look that I knew I could identify them if I saw them again.  So finally...

It is for sure, the house fench.  The mystery is solved.  I really have wanted to try to get a picture of her on the nest but I decided to stop harassing her because I am afraid she might feel threatened and abandon the five little eggs.  I had a very traumatic experience as a child, a bird build a nest on our window sill in my parent's bedroom and laid eggs, my sister and I would watch her every day and waited for the eggs to hatch but one day the momma bird came back to the nest and pecked them all open and ate them shell and all.  It was horribly traumatic, I remember crying my eyes out and being so devastated.  It's strange how long ago that was but how I am still slightly afraid that might happen again. 

Anyway, I hope to have some little chicks peeping at my door in a week or so, I will definitely try to get some good pics for you.  I love spring but this is such a sweet little bonus.  I am so glad I left my winter wreath up to become a little spring nursery.:)