fat tuesday

Celebrate the last day before Lent New Orleans Style!  AKA over indulge.:)        


I LOVE New Orleans!  I so wish I was there today.  And if I was my first stop would be...


For the best beignets EVER!

 via southernliving.com 

but I guess I will have to settle for some Fresh Market King Cake...

via barbarabakes.com

And incase you didn't know the baby Jesus inside is NOT edible.:)

To get you in the Mardi Gras mood you have to listen to a little Washboard Chaz.  Jeremy and I saw Chaz last time we were in NOLA at this exact place, The Spotted Cat.  I loooove this guy, he is amazing, you have to listen to my favorite song on his Mix It UpCD- Busy Bootin, this is what it's all about!:)

Another short videothat shows why mardi gras is so fun- sporadic dancing

Happy Fat Tuesday!