dogs are barking

I swear I have walked about 10 miles since I have been here.  My feet are killing me!  Some of that might have to do with my choice of shoes but you want to look stylish in NYC!  Today I am wearing my Sauconeys:).  Like little clouds on my feet! 

NYC has been fun but my trip is winding up today,  just as I am learning how to get around!  My google maps on my Driod has been my savior, after I realized how much better that is than what I have on my blackberry.  I have also been told is great for helping you get around the city.  Anything to keep me from walking two blocks in the wrong direction!

For my last day I have plans to go to the Cooper Hewitt Museumto see the Van Clef and Arples Exhibit, they have been around since 1909 and their work is absolutely incredibly detailed and the craftsmanship among the best in the world.  I am a craftsmanship nerd!

I  mean look at this work, beautiful...

 Now to track down an umbrella!