are you square?

I just wanted to share the vehicle that I use to create this website.  This might be a big help to you if you are looking to create a website to share personal info with family or friends or if you are thinking about starting a business and aren't looking to spend thousands of dollars for a web designer to get you on line.  This might also explain why my site is far from perfect, why there are inconsistencies, and why it is not yet all I want it to be.  But hey, its the best I can do, I am an artist not a web designer.:)

Squarespace is what I have been using.  It takes a while to figure out how to use this baby, as I have mentioned before I am a little technologically challenged, so it might be easier for you.  One of my favorite parts about squarespace is they have excellent customer support.  You can submit a help ticket and they respond with an answer in 15 minutes or less!  For someone like me this is an absolute must.  Without this I would literally still be creating my website format.  They also have great tutorial videos that help you with FAQs.

This is what my screen looks like when I write my blog...

Another great thing about squarespace is that if you are interested you can try it for free!  But make sure you have time to mess around with it when you sign up I think you only get a week free.  A little hint; if you want to try square out, Mozilla works better than Internet Explorer.  If you are not crazy about Squarespace try Wix, very cool, and much better supported than it used to be.

Here is a Squarespace intro (from YouTube posted by another squarespace fan)...

If you are in business these days you absolutely must have a website for anyone to take you seriously.  So buckle down and spend a few hours playing around, for free!   If you have any questions I am happy to help you get started.  Good luck and happy creating.