passion for life

I love people who are passionate, people who stand for something, people who are willing to take a chance.  Whether you like her or not this description fits Lady Gaga to a tee and you have to respect her for trying to do something that is greater than herself.  Lady Gaga has partnered with MAC for their VIVA GLAM campaign. (they have currently raised over $202,000,000)  All proceeds from the sale of VIVA GLAM lipstick and lip glass go to the MAC AIDS Fund. 


This means that every penny you give to MAC to make you beautiful goes towards helping people living and affected by HIV/AIDS, you can't beat that.

Here is what some of that money buys...

= 1 pair of school shoes for a child orphaned by aids

= 1 rapid oral HIV test

= 2 emergency boxes filled with non perishable food

= 14 blood gluclose monitoring strips

= 1 weeks worth of groceries (4 bags of food) for 2 clients

= 37 deliveries of dietetically sounds meals

= 1 vegetable seed starter pack for a community garden

=1 party pack for a child to celebrate Christmas, Easter or a birthday

=18 personalized birthday cakes to be hand delivered to a PLWA on his/her birthday

Check out Lady Gags's interview on Good Morning America where she talks about what she stands for and her work with MAC raising money for the MAC AIDS Fund.

So this weekend take care of yourself so you take care of others.  Mi amore vole fe.  :)