born in the usa

I have a special American pride which is probably enhanced by the fact that I was born on the fourth of July, but that wouldn't matter if I wasn't born in the USA.  Most of you reading were also "made in America" and even if you weren't you are most likely American.   

My Mom who is always lookin' out shared this story with me; ABC news claims that if we each spent and extra $3.33 on US made goods we would create an extra 10,000 US jobs!  How awesome is that?  Check out ABC's snippet on their attempt to furnish a house with all American made products.  They are calling it "extreme make over for homeland improvement".  This will be a story I follow.

It is so interesting because I am pretty sure most of us have absolutely NO idea where our food, clothes, cleaning products, technology, or anything else we buy is made.  Part of the issue is that many times a product doesn't say where is is made, or if it does it is hidden on a tiny tag.  Why do our American made products not say MADE IN AMERICA?  This should be a badge worn with pride.  This is part of why I made sure to include CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA on my packaging. 

I want people to know I am not having my work made over seas or buying my materials from another country.  I am making every attempt to support America with my business and I look forward to the day when I can employ Americans in my business. 

I am getting ready to do some more serious marketing and create additional packaging so I have really been brainstorming a lot about what I want my company to stand for, and what I want my marketing to convey, this topic really comes at the perfect time, I can't wait to show you what I have been thinking. 

Jeep does a fabulous job with marketing American, you gotta love this commercial.  Masterful.


So the next time you go shopping, pause.

Take a second to think where is the product made?  What is the true cost for not buying American?


P.S. Here are a few sites you can check out to find American made products