virtual awesomeness

I have been pretty busy with the holidays approaching as I'm sure you have too.  But of course I am making the gifts people are giving in addition to buying for the family, decorating, cleaning, procrastinating sending out my Christmas cards, etc.  So sorry for the sporadic blogging.

I posted about the awesomeness that is in February, you can check out that post here.  We can't all live in London, Washington DC, Madrid or NY so thanks to the wonders of the internet we can get a little taste of art and culture virtually.

I bring this up because I just heard about the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum.  

If you can't see the video click here to watch it on YouTube.

This is amazing, there is so much information and the technology is mind blowing. 

I really wish I could see this in real life, but this will have to do.


Each piece in the virtual museum has a complete history included along with video, celebrity photographs- the whole story.

If you are mostly interested in the designs head to the library where you can see all of Valentino's work organized by decade.

If you love fashion or design or details or pop culture this is worth checking out.  I haven't had the chance to explore the entire museum but so far my favorite part is "the other half".  I love commentary that is personal and lets me see the real person behind the icon.  Plus who doesn't love an Italian accent?