I am so ready for life to get back to normal, the holidays are just crazy, there is so much to get done, there is way too much eating going on and not enough work getting done- at least that was how it went down for me.  Now that we have all that craziness behind us I've had some time to think about 2012.  I am convinced it is going to be a fabulous year, there is just no other option.

My resolutions are pretty simple, of course they include the usual, lose weight, exercize more, all that.  But my real focus is to enjoy 2012 to the fullest by...

Letting the little things go- I've spent way too much time being frustrated by things that don't matter

Being more organized

Not being afraid or intimidated by anything- believing in myself

procrastinating less

sleeping more

and last but not least having some life balance

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and start to the wonderful and promise filled 2012!