kopy kat

They say there are no original ideas. What do you think about that?

I guess if you break that down to concepts that might be semi true but I believe in that saying, "good artist borrow, great artists steal" - steal as in make it YOUR OWN, take a concept and interpret it your way- that is how some of the greatest designs have come about- the apple computer is an interpretation or "copy" of the original computer. 

I know several people who think every basic idea is their own, everyone is always copying them which is kind of funny because they are really not that great to begin with (I know I'm so mean)- she is wearing high heels!  I always wear high heels!!!!  What the hell?!.  To me that is the most ridiculous thing, but don't worry it's not just our self absorbed friends that do this, earlier this fall Alexis Bittar accused Kim Kardashian of copying his jewelry line.

Check it out, I am dying to know what you think...

(Alexis Bittar on the left, Kim Kardashian on the right)

To me this is just comical.

This is the only example that I think looks remotely alike but that is my opionion, I want to know yours...

Oh by the way I am working on another triangle necklace, which as we know is a Alexis Bittar original idea, call me a copy cat.