everything should be cool

I am just starting my Christmas shopping today- ahhhh!  I know I'm behind and this year everyone seems to be shopping it up so the stores are probably bare by now- poor family they might just end up with some NMJewelry they didn't ask for.:) 

All this gifting got me thinking about more utilitarian things, I heard once that in Denmark or some where over there a law was passed that all things made there had to be designed and not just to work but to be cool, I'm sure that is a total line of BS but it sounds like a good idea to me.  Everyday objects should all be pretty, what is that quote?  Something like- you shouldn't own anything that is not useful or beautiful- I say you shouldn't own anything that is not useful and beautiful!  Here are a few things I've run across that fit the bill...

Nest, a smart thermostat designed by Tony Fadell- former Apple Senior VP.  Nest is a learning thermostat, it senses when you're home and adjusts accordingly, it even learns your routine and adapts to be most efficient.  Plus it is simple, small and pretty- the display is red when warming, blue when cooling, black when off and when you walk away the display dims.


The Urban Umbrella- this is to replace all of the ugly scaffolding you see in NYC, gorgeous huh?



Act fire extinguisher

Home Hero fire extinguisher

You might as well be fashionable while putting out fires.


The square card reader.  I have one and LOVE it, easy, low fees and the card reader is free and nice looking!

Totally random I know.

FOUR (if you are a Munoz) or FIVE shopping days left!  I'd better giddy up...