a potter

I absolutely love Jonathan Adler's work.  It's clean and thoughtfully designed.


I especially love his animal pieces (on my Christmas list in case anyone is wondering)...


Jonathan Adler even has some fairly edgy work...


I didn't know much about Jonathan Adler until I decided to do this blog post.  And I have to say the one thing that really stands out about him is that he is pretty much a goof- in a good way I mean, in a really good way.  It's totally refreshing.

Jonathan believes that design should not be snooty or suuuper expensive but that it should be fun or as Jonathan loves to say, groovy and above all make you happy- I think that is a pretty great philosophy.

You can see what I mean by watching this video of Jonathan giving a tour of his showroom and studio.  I warn you you might have to sign up for a wheel throwing class after watching, he makes it look soooo easy (it's not, I promise).



So if you didn't watch the 7 minute video the history of Jonathan Adler is that he took a wheel throwing class as a kid, loved it, spends his childhood making pots.  Jonathan goes to Brown University, continues to make pots, goes to NYC, still continues to make pots and hates his regular job, sells his pots to Barney's, now he is a house hold name with the ethos "happy chic".

Jonathan has a great attitude and a great success story, again it's one of those stories that at one point the outlook on Jonathan's career was proably pretty dark but he stuck with his passion and eventually it all worked out for the good and now Jonathan not only makes a living doing what he loves he is basically famous for it.

I love the timeline on the about page and the manifesto on the Jonathan Adler's website, it kind of makes me laugh, so here is a Tuesday chuckle for ya...


Happy Tuesday! xox0