the greenway

We have several Greenways in Charlotte but of course this time of year they are not very green, more brown and muddy.  I was super excited yesterday to try out the new present I bought myself this weekend, the Nike sports band.


Of course I might have had better luck if I would have put the sensor in my shoe.  So I really just tested out how the band felt and looked on my wrist, which is really the most important feature of the band.  I am trying to train for a little half marathon, I believe I mentioned this before but just thought I would remind you that I am crazy.  Not because I want to do a half marathon but mostly because people who are not runners typically take 12 weeks to train for these things while I did not get to start at the 12 week mark because of the holidays and then my horrendous cold and now have eight weeks to train, wahoo!  But I do actually think I can do it.  Yesterday I went out and did 4 miles on the greenway in the mud and felt great!  I may not be making a whole lot of jewelry right now but I am at least running. 


I know that last comment might be worrisome but I promise, all this running in my future will not keep me from preparing the perfect Valentines gifts for your sweet heart (or for you).  So keep checking back for the V-day collection coming soon!