random friday

I am feeling like sharing some random things with you. 

I kind of love this picture, this was totally me this Christmas.

Anyway, back to 2011, I am very excited about having Monday off.  Of course I will actually be working on the new jewelry collection coming out on Jan 31 but that is just as good a vacation day.

I am also really excited about this new ap on on my droid called Days Until, you use it to count down to important events. This is kind of what it looks like... 

I love looking forward to things and counting them down helps me savor every pre celebration moment.  I currently have 3 count downs going, 151 days until my sister's wedding- yay:(, 57 days till the half marathon, and 93 days until something I will tell you about 93 days from now.  I am sure that hook will keep you reading at least for the next 93 days.

The last random thing is that I am a soup lover and I made a soup this week that was soooo freakin' good I thought you should know about it.  It is a recipie from epicurious.com, a fabulous website you need to check out if you haven't yet.  White bean, potato and arugula soupwill fill you up with one bowl but I promise you will still want more.  This is great comfort food and I recommend reading the reviews, I agree with most of them, you only need about half the oil the recipe calls for, feel free to combine steps for example; cook all the garlic with the pepper flake in the beginning instead of doing it in two steps and you don't need to soak the bean s over night, about 4 hours will do it.  By the way the pic above is not of my soup but it looks a lot like that, just use your little imagination and replace the large red chunks with little red pepper flakes.  Go make soup, love soup.

Happy random Friday!