selling your work

I am just starting to explore opportunities to sell my work and I have to say it is exciting and intimidating at the same time.  Of course I am starting with the obvious outlets by creating an Etsy site (which should be up Mon. Oct 11- yay!) but beyond that it is all just a blur of options. 

I try to read a lot of articles, blogs and books to help me sell my work and start my business. There is just so much out there- again very intimedating.  One of my favorite blogs is Craft MBA, you've got to check it out.  Starting to Sell Your Art? by Justin Vining is one of the latest articles posted on Craft MBA. 

I have found that many times I will read an article and it is helpful because it reminds me to keep my focus not because it introduces me to some earth shattering new info.  Justin's article touches on goals, pricing, branding and quality vs. quantity, sometimes I am just too busy to think about these important parts of my business and Justin reminds me to think about these elements from a newbe's perspective that I can relate to.  I hope you can get something out of the article, even if it is just a reminder to stay on track.