Since today is Cinco de Mayo I thought I'd share some Mexican art with you.  And everyone knows about the famous Mexicans like Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera so I went looking for something new but the thing is I got distracted by some Spanish art.

Nuria Mora, uses the street as her studio sharing with the world bold, geometric, saturated color.

Most of her work is pattern, geometric or floral. 

Mora says in an interview with Subaquatica; I want to invite people to think about our relationship with time and space. Time because the repetition of a given pattern suggest a long duration of the time needed for its completion and space because through drawing on it I make the architectonic space where the viewer will projects his experiences and ideas my own. There’s also this crussade clearly against the industrialization of the artistic language which is very common nowadays, particularly among street artists.


As you know I have been digging bright colors lately and I guess some of that is a quest for happiness anywhere I can find it.  Color does that for me and Mora's work is a beautiful example of a glimpse of happy in a sometimes not necessarily happy environment.


viw more of Nuria Mora's colorful works on her web page

 Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Go drink some margaritas!!!