right now

This week I really needed a little pep talk. 

I love making jewelry, even at 2am I am happy to be in the studio making jewelry- really, I love it that much!  But that kind of schedule will wear you out pretty quickly.  Lately I have been wishing I had more of a normal schedule, where I spend 8am-5 pm or 6pm or even 7pm working, then I come home, relax, eat dinner and go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Is that so much to ask?  With one full time job, one start up business to run, various volunteer commitments, hang out time with friends and family, husband and personal time, absolutely, yes, that is potentially too much to ask. 

All I have going on right now has worn me out, I am just tired and therefore slightly unmotivated. 

This is my favorite water bottle with a little reminder in the lid (by Kor).  In addition to surrounding me with little reminders like my water bottle I some times have to resort to a written pep talk.  I am sort of obsessed with "to do" lists, I carry mine with me everywhere so it's the perfect place to write down my motivational points swhere I will see them over and over again.

I wrote this pep list for myself on Tuesday and looking at it has actually helped, plus just putting some of my obligations aside and getting more sleep has done wonders!

If you are feeling worn out take a few minutes to write out some positive, motivational points for you to focus on and go to bed early, the work will be there in the morning!