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 What is your dream job?

             For me, this is it.


Designing jewelry is my passion and building my business, my dream.  It has been a long road, getting to the point where I have the courage, the confidence and the persistence to create pieces that are a reflection of me, my interests and my inspirations. As time has gone by I have an incredible awareness of how precious and beautiful life is and I work everyday to make the most of it. 

I come from a family of designers and artists, I'm incredibly grateful for their support, encouragement and inspiration.  I don't know where I'd be without them!  My Mexican heritage has been a primary influence on my work, as well as a love of architecture, bold, modern design, and my need to celebrate life every chance I can get.

While it is so gratifying to take raw materials, transform them with my own hands and see them polish up into something beautiful, I have found THAT the greatest satisfaction comes from knowing I create pieces that are used to celebrate life, death, love, marriage, friendship and self- that's an amazing feeling!

Thank you for allowing me the honor of following my dreams, pursuing my passion and celebrating with you.


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