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Since becoming a mom I've really had to start prioritizing.  My little ginger bear comes first and well, to be honest, the blog is dead last.

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There is a lot going on, new products, collections and website coming soon, lots of custom pieces, sales and of course the ginger bear.  I hope you'll follow me on my creative adventures!



how to have life/work balance

You tell me because I'm lost on this one.

Life/work balance is a concept that I've never been able to master and with a little ginger baby running the house and a small business it has become an even bigger challenge.

Some weeks are honestly horrible- only because I run myself ragged trying to get everything done or I get nothing done and both are obviously an issue.

Some weeks are great, I get beautiful jewelry pieces finished and delivered to appreciative clients and I get to have fun with my reds too!

This weekends was one of those great ones where I feel like I got in some great quality time but pretty much got no work done.  Hey life is short and this little guy won't be little for long!



So I squeezed in a little boat time...




A little goat time...






A little grandad time...




and an awesome diaper and outfit change on the lawn in front of the restaurant, on top of the only blanket type thing I had- my brand new Kate Spade scarf which I have never used and has special washing instructions.  oh, the joys of motherhood...



If you have any life/balance tips please share! 

Happy Monday!




How to give the BEST Valentines Gift

I think great gifts do one of the following three things...

1. Show you listen

2. Show you care

3. Show you love

I know that sounds pretty simple but when you're up against a wall like Valentines Day and you know you've got to come up with something good that's when your mind goes completely blank and all you can think of are the most uncreative, unoriginal roses and chocolates or cologne and boxers.  So let me help you out so you don't have to give her a cheesy Pandora bracelet or him a flask- yeah I said it.



Think back, what has he/she recently commented on?  A dream vacation, a more organized kitchen, a favorite song?  Use those clues to help you find a meaningful gift- it doesn't have to be THE dream vacation- maybe a mini vacay or a momento that takes your sweetie to that special place if only in his dreams and if you actually don't listen check out his/her Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page to get ideas- somewhere in there she is bound to have commented on her favorite piece of Noelle Munoz Jewelry.  And when you surprise your love with something they really want but never asked for you're sure to score major brownie points.




Over the course of your relationship you've shared some special moments, made some special memories.  Think about the ones that stand out most in your mind, the ones that make you smile or laugh- the big milestone memories are great like your wedding day but try to think of something that just you and your love know about, something more intimate- that last minute trip to the beach your first summer together, the camping trip where it rained non stop the whole time, the day you said I love you. Have a piece of jewelry customized with the title of the song that was playing on the radio when you went on your first road trip or the tiny town you stayed in on you favorite vacation together.  

(ARCHER $95-$120)

She'll be impressed that you thought ahead to get a piece customized and will love to have a reminder of your special time together.



I kind of dissed the classic roses and chocolates earlier but honestly there is nothing wrong with a simple I love you gesture (unless it's a Pandora bracelet).  It comes off as more genuine if you try to try to interject a little creativity. 

I offer to write a short note and wrap any order if it's a gift.  So sometimes I get a little insight into the gifter and the giftee.  This is one order for the OVER THE MOON necklace that I thought was so sweet and showed some cute creativity, I'm sure most people can appreciate.


Bottom line show that special person you love them by making your gift to them personal and meaningful, give from your heart.

Head over to our Facebook page for a free shipping code, now through Sunday!

Happy Valentines Day!




special gifts

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I really enjoy making jewelry. 

I love making jewelry when it's being given as a special gift.

Last week I shipped off a set of ARCHER bracelets for a bride and her brides maids.







Customized with initial or not, the ARCHER bracelet makes the perfect bridesmaids gift.  A gift that she will have forever.

The ARCHER bracelet is one of my favorite pieces, I used to wear one every day, but now I wear two!  One with the bright polish that I originally offered and one with a brushed finish that I just added to the website.


Try the new brushed finish for only $65 (normally $95), use code:BRUSHED when checking out, this week only. :)




dad's day

I hope everyone got to spend some time with their Dad yesterday. 

It's funny how Mother's Day and Fathers Day seem so much more special now that Jeremy and I are parents. I guess we realize what an important job it is.  I'm so thankful that my son, like me, has a Dad that will teach him to love life, to have fun, to have faith in God and to be a kind and caring person through his example.  His love has no end.

Happy first Fathers Day to an amazing Dad!!!!